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Columbia Coursework

The Politics of EU Enlargement


John Redmond and Glenda Rosenthal, editors, The Expanding EU: Past, Present and Future, 1998.

SIPA Lectures

10/07/03 Giuliano Amato, Former Italian Prime Minister, "What is New in the New Constitution?" (1:07:01)
10/02/03 Nicholas Burns, US Ambassador to NATO, Speaks about mending the Atlantic relationship (1:01:36)

Professor Rosenthal's Lectures (Audio)

10/02/03 Part 1 -- Class housekeeping (0:20:14)
10/02/03 Part 2 -- Lecture and Discussion on Malta, Cyprus and Turkey (1:26:59)
09/25/03 Part 1 -- Current Events in Europe -- (0:20:10)
09/25/03 Part 2 -- EU enlargement main lecture -- (1:21:29) --(quality issues at 10:53 - 12:00)


- Europe on the move, Directorate-General for Press and Communication, November 2003.
- Joschka Fischer, "From Confederacy to Federation–Thoughts on the finality of European integration,” Speech at Humboldt University in Berlin, 12 May 2000.
- Revue Elargissement, #51, 9/29/03: IGC & Draft Constitution, France-CEEC Trade, Meat Sector in CEEC, Shadow economy in CEEC.

- Revue Elargissement, #50, 9/15/03: Economic forum of Krynica, Retailing 2003 Operations, Romas in the Enlarged Europe.
- Revue Elargissement, Special, 07/03: Location Potential in the CEEC for Multinationals.
- More back issues of Revue Elargissment

Interesting Articles

- Judy Dempsey, "NATO urged to challenges EU defence plan," FT, 16 Oct 2003.
- George Parker and Judy Dempsey, "Croatia wins incentive for EU entry talks," FT, 8 Oct 2003.

- Tom Warner, "EU leaders seek to win over Ukraine," FT, 6 Oct 2003.
- Bertrand Benoit, "Fischer outlines compromise on EU constitution," FT, 6 Oct 2003.
- George Parker and Daniel Dombey, "Commission powerless as Paris defies euro rules," FT, 3 Oct 2003.
- Judy Dempsey, "EU looking to defence harmony by 2010," FT, 3 Oct 2003.
- George Parker, "FT Briefing: A new constitution for Europe," FT, 2 Oct 2003.
- Nicola Smith, "Turkish concern at EU defence aims," EUPolitix.com, 2 Oct 2003.
- "Europe's constitution:A little bit of editing—or will it end up in the bin?" Economist, 2 Oct 2003.
- "The rise of the Eurosceptiques," Economist, 2 Oct 2003.
- "Turkey's reform: A worrying hiccup," Economist, 2, Oct 2003.
- Mickey Levy, "Towards a superior stability pact," FT, 29 Sep 2003.
- "Europe Should Vote:Why referendums on a new constitution would be good for the European Union," Economist, 25 Sep 2003.
- George Parker and Quentin Peel, "A fractured Europe," FT, 16 Sep 2003.--consequences of enlargement and need for two speed Europe.
- "The tower of babble," Economist, 31 July 2003. --Eurojargon article. Very funny and acurate.

Good Websites for News on Europe

Official EU Sites

http://www.euruion.org -- Delegation of the European Commission to the United States website
http://europa.eu.int/ -- Official EU Europa Page
http://europa.eu.int/comm/index_en.htm -- EU commission official page
http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/enlargement/index_en.html -- Official EU Enlargment Site

News Sites

http://news.ft.com/world/europe -- Financial Times Europe Coverage. Subscription required.
http://www.lemonde.fr -- Le Monde, in French, but can be translated with Google downloadable toolbar (download)
http://www.guardian.co.uk/eu/0,7368,396838,00.html -- Guardian EU Integration
http://www.eubusiness.com - Bare bones site focued on business

Member states' government websites

http://www.france.diplomatie.fr/actu/actu.GB.asp?DOS=29175 - French govt EU enlargement page (English)

Other Sites

www.eumap.org -- Open Society Institute, EU Assession Monitoring Program-- Country By Country News on CEECs
http://uk.dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Regions/Europe/Government/European_Union__EU_/ - Yahoo's EU Site Listings
http://uk.fc.yahoo.com/e/europeanunion.html - Yahoo EU News -- EU wire stories
http://culture.tol.cz - Czech biweekly magazine about CEEC
http://www.euintegration.net -- Excellent site,interesting articles -- sponsored by World Bank & Bertelsmann foundation

Problems w/Nationalism in Central Europe:
Identities, Conflicts, Ethnic Cleansings and Ethnic Democracy


Sept. 24. The construction of ethnic other

Andrew Bell-Fialkoff, Ethnic Cleansing, New York, St. Martin's Press 1996, ch.3, pp.57-115.

Allan Hanson, The Making of the Maori: Culture Invention and Its Logic, American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 91, No. 4. (Dec., 1989), pp. 890-902.

Yugoslavia, The Avoidable War. 2002 documentary film.

Oct. 1. Logic of ethnic democracy in the Baltic Republics I: Latvia

Professor Buchowski Lecture (1:57:29) -- Requires amplification. Appologies for poor quality. First half covers Bell-Fialkoff reading from previous week. Second part discussion of Yugoslavia, The Avoidable War and finally a discussion on nationalism.

Mari-Ann Herloff-Mortensen, "We are not us: intra-ethnic differentiation among Latvians, Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review 14(1), Spring 1996. (http://condor.depaul.edu/~rrotenbe/aeer/aeer14_1/herloff.html)

Irena Saleniece and Sergei Kuznetsovs, "Nationality policy, education and the Russian question in Latvia since 1918, in: C. Williams and T.D. Sfikas (eds.), Ethnicity and Nationalism in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, pp. 236-264, Aldershot:ashgate 1998.

Graham Smith, "Latvia and the Latvians," in: G. Smith (ed.), The nationalities question in post-Soviet states, pp.147-169, London: Longman 1996.

Oct. 8. Logic of ethnic democracy in the Baltic Republics II: Estonia

Riina Kionka and Raivo Vetik, "Estonia and Estonians," in G. Smith (ed.), The nationalities question in post-Soviet states, pp.147-169, London: Longman 1996.

David Smith, 'The Restoration principle in post communist Estonia, ibid. pp. 287-323.

Shirley A. Woods, "Ethnicity and nationalism in contemporary Estonia," in: C. Williams and T.D. Sfikas (eds.), Ethnicity..., pp.265-286.

Oct. 16. Logic of constitutional nationalism in the Balkans

Thomas Ambrosio, "The Federation of Bosnia and Gerzegovina: A failure of implementation," in J.S. Miegiel (ed.), State and nation building in East and Central Europe: contemporary perspectives, pp. 225.-24, New York: Intitute on East Central Europe, Columbia University 1996.

Robert M. Hayden, Blueprints for a house divided, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 1999.

Renata Salecl, "The Ideology of the mother nation in the Yugoslav conflict," in: M.D. Kennedy, Envisioning Eastern Europe: postcommunist cultural studies, pp. 87-101, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press 1997.

Oct. 23. Logic of ethnic wars in former Yugoslavia

Stuart J. Kaufman, Modern Hatred: the symbolic politics of ethnic war, Ithaca: Cornell University Press 2001, pp. 165-203.

Ivelin Sardamov, "Mandate of history: Serbian national identity and ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia, in: J. Micgiel (ed.) op. cit. pp.17-37.

Thomas Buck, "Fear and Loathing in Macedonia: Ethnic Nationalism and the Albanian Problem," ibid., pp. 243-261.

Oct. 30. Roma: The largest ethnic minority in Europe

Jean-Pierre Liegeois and Nicolae Gheorgphe, Roma/Gypsies: a European minority, London: Minority Group Rights 1995, pp. 7-20.

Carole Silverman, "Persecution and Politicization: Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe," Cultural Survival, Summer 1995, pp. 43-49.

*Extra (see bottom)

Nov. 6. Virtual community? The Vlachs

Tom J. Winnirith, The Vlachs: the history of a Balkan people, New York: St. Martin's Press, ch.1-3, pp. 1-38, and ch.10, pp. 139-149.

Phillip V. Guddemi, "The Aromanians (Vlachs) of the southern Balkans: aslant the Balkan minority narrative," m.s.

For those more interested in: www.farsarotul.org (newsletter)

Nov. 13. Love and hate: neighbors' coexistence. The case of Polish--Jewish relations

Anna Bikont, "They had the vodka, the guns and the hatred," Gazeta Wyborcza (17.07.2001) (http://wyborcza.gazeta.pl/info)

Wlodzimierz Borodziej, "Poles and Jews in the 20th century. The persistence of stereotypes after the Holocaust," in: M. Buchowski, E. Conte and c. Nagengast, Poland beyond communism, pp.61-69, Fribourg: Fribourg University Press 2001.

Rosa Lehmann, Symbiosis and ambivalence: Poles and Jews in a small Galician town, New York: Berghahn Books 2001, pp.1-41 and 138-168 (chapters 1,2 and 7)

Nov 20. Mutual Ethnic cleansing: Poles--Lemkos--Ukranians, and the Nazi and the Soviet invaders

Edouard Conte, "Was the Peasantry of the Zamojszczyzna a creation of Socialism? Ethnic Cleansing and land reform in Southeastern Poland," in: M. Buchowski, E. Conte and c. Nagengast, Poland beyond communism, pp.61-69, Fribourg: Fribourg University Press 2001.

Chris Hann, "Ethnic cleansing and eastern Europe: Poles and Ukrainians beside the Curzon Line," Nations and Nationalism 2(3), 1996, pp. 389-406.

Chris Hann, "The skeleton at the feast: contributions to Eastern European anthropology, Canterbury: University of Kent 1995, pp. 151-162 (ch.8).

Rosa Lehmann, "Ethno-nationalism and the socialist heritage: the case of the Lemkos in Poland," Focaal 33, 1999, pp. 59-73.

Dec. 4 In-Tense relations between Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians

Taras Kuzio, Is nationalism always a bad thing (m.s)

Taras Kuzio, Nationalism in Ukraine (m.s.)


Carole Silverman, "State Market and Gender Relationships among Bulgarian Roma, 1970-90" (Not included in syllabus, but scanned).