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Chinese Opera Performance in Beijing (9/22/02)

Click on image below to watch video.

Act One: Singing with Candles

The idea of seeing opera, whatever kind, did not excite me. We had just arrived in Beijing that day and I had not slept very much on the plane. We had to be polite and throughout dinner I was thinking about going back to the hotel to get some sleep.

ce this performer came on stage, all of this changed. I realized what an exciting evening it was truly going to be

Act Two: Fish Magician

This guy was incredible. Every where you turned he managed to pull fish out from no where. This is definately worth watching.
Act Three: Chinese Singing

I haven't heard anything quite like this before.
Act Five: Chinese Comedians

This was my favorite act. I don't understand chinese, but I was laughing histerically. It reminded me of some of Andy Kaufman's variety show appearances.
View more images from the performance Act Four: We were not allowed to photograph.