Duck House Harvest Dinner

9/21/02 First Night


The duck is great symbolism. I don't think it was intended because of Bob; however, it was the first time I found out the the Restaurant was unique in that they only served Duck.  
This was a meet and greet session prior to the start of the dinner. I think this is what Bob means when he describes it as a strain to be charming and intelligent. There were many dignataries from Tsinghua University and other member of the jury. The entire dinner was video taped and there were several people dedicated to taking pictures.  
Bob was teaching at Yale with this Japanese man in 1963. They didn't know eachother then.   This man is affliated with Tsinghua University. He worked in Eero Saarinen's office from 1948 to 1950. Bob started there in 1951. They both worked on projects for General Motors.  
Dinner itself was going to begin after several introductions.