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Bob, Bob and More Bob

  Lecture at Tonji University, Shanghai 9/27/02
VIDEO: pre-lecture scene
More pre-lecture scene (0:30 video)
Before and After Lecture (35 images)
NEW!!! 10/3 Lecture Poster
VIDEO: Complete lecture
Slides from Lecture (94 images)
Tonji University Shanghai (35 images)
Bob Mobbed Afterwards (0:19 video)
VIDEO: Post-lecture conversation
More post-lecture conversation (0:60 video)


Conversations with Professor Luo

Conv. w/ Prof. Luo p1 (1:00 video)

Conv. w/ Prof. Luo p2 (5:57 video)

9/22/02 Dinner Conv.(14:54 video)

Bob talking about Michelangelo, Vaccaro, Rome, the siesta, Alessi, Brazzini, the food at dinner, etc.

Photos of Dinner

  Interviews With Reporters  

9/28 Interview (21:02 video)

This is very interesting. Audio improves after one minute. Bob speaks eloquently about revolution vs. evolution, pragmatism, Shang-hai coming together of cultures, context in design, what is happen-ing today in architecture, other architects, dramatic form vs icon-ography, social responsibility of architects, Tokyo, deconstructivist architecture, post-modernism, modernism, neo-modernism, not being labeled, iconographic and electronic architecture, being posi-tive and mannerist architecture.

9/30 Interview (35:19 video)

  Lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing
  Lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing 9/26/02

Slides from Lecture (74 images)
Lecture pt.1 (80:00 Video)
Lecture pt.2

Tsinghua University Tour Before Lecture
  9/19 philadelphia -- ancestral home  
VIDEO: Bob in Kitchen!